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Anyone have any advice on what to wear with this dress to a wedding (accessories and shoes??) there is a pic?

Anyone have any advice on what to wear with this dress to a wedding (accessories and shoes??) there is a pic?
Well, its a black and white dress....
Reply:Where a nice pair of strappy black heals. Find a 1 diamond(or crystal) necklace or a circle. Find a bracelet to match. These can be found at any major department store or even target(if you have one in your area)
Reply:black heels

with silver accessories
Reply:I think you should add some color.

Go for a salmon colored or turqoise chunky necklace and add matching heels, at least two inches high.

Reply:My style is very simple and I would like that dress because it is simple and sophisticated. I would probably go with black open toed shoes and a black clutch. if you stick with the black you could even do a black beaded necklace. white would also be very pretty instead of the black shoes, clutch, and necklace. check places like forever 21 that have inexpensive good jewelry!
Reply:OHH cute!!! I wear my black and whites with colorful shoes and a matching handbag so maybe I would wear blue heels and blue bag maybe different shades, but if you want to match weat black high heeled sandals and a black with white bag or metallics, in your case silver, and check out claire's.. make sure to keep all your jewelry silver, dont mix for a more polished look, and if your hair is long try to do the style in my pic I think it'll be very cute

I think pink will look good, check out my examples!!! It'll work for a day and night wedding, have fun!

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Any trendy and cheap shopping areas if i am looking for clothes, accessories, bags, shoes?

i onli have a day's trip :( cos i will be spending most of the time in macau.

thanks !

Any trendy and cheap shopping areas if i am looking for clothes, accessories, bags, shoes?
I don't know where you are and whether the store is near you or not, but try Urban Outfitters, they have really awesome stuff (: and it's also very cute.

%26amp; you can most definitely find clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, and such @ Urban Outfitters. Along with that, their things are fairly affordable.

Hope you find the store!
Reply:the good will or safe way both are great

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Do these shoes go with this prom dress? Accessories?

Haha, yet another question from the completely useless-with-fashion girl that is me.

I recently asked what shoes would go best with this dress, and I got a good response and most involved silver strappy heels. But then I went on NEXT and saw these lovely shoes (and which colour would be best also!?)

My question is, do these shoes:(;p=1... ) go with this dress:( )? And what accessories would accompany them?

Thanks in advance!

Do these shoes go with this prom dress? Accessories?
yea you will be rockin!!! wear it with some long beads or tourquise pendants!!!
Reply:i think they go with the dress
Reply:the brown ones would go awesomely


love the grammar by the way, not too many intelligent people online.

Reply:i think u should wear the brown ones to bring out the brown in the dress. i think u should probably get some brown bangles.
Reply:yeah but i think your dress and shoes are kinda ugly. but they go together like to ugly pea's in an ugly pod.
Reply:I think that they will look nice together because the dress is unique and so are the shoes. Since the dress and shoes are unique keep the accessories simple.
Reply:yes. :)
Reply:The shoes are a little fussy for the dress but if you wear simple accessories it could look nice. Small simple earrings and a simple bracelet is all I would go with. Wear your hair up in a very simple twist or knot. Kep it simple because the dress makes a very loud statement.
Reply:I would not get shoes that exactly match this dress and both of those do. I also would wear a heel because that dress is waaay too nice to be worn like it's not special! I suggest a heel of some sort, I mean it is the prom! If you are wearing flats them I am boycotting that dress! LoL

these are cute choes, but they would look HORRIBLE with this dress. the dress already has so much going on- you need some flat silver strappy sandals (like everyone said). with complicated dresses like these, you have to wear shoes that will compliment it, but not take the attention off it. i wouldn't wear very much jewelry with this either. maybe just a silver bracelet or something.
Reply:That dress is so stylish and unique and absolutely ADORABLE! And yes, those shoes would go perfectly with the dress....I would suggest the dark brown instead of the turquoise/teal.

As for accessories....I think that pearls would look really nice with the outfit. The outfit gives off a flirty/floral vibe and pearls would be absolutely darling!

Having fun at prom!
Reply:I think the shoes would go with the dress. Not too many accessories maybe some pearl earrings and a pearl necklace.
Reply:Yeh ! They are so cute ^^

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What colour accessories & make-up go with baby pink trouser suit? HEEEEELLLLPPPP needed please!!!?

Hi, i'm going to a daytime wedding in 2 weeks and need some help fom anyone please!! I've got a baby pink trouser suit and haven't got a clue what colour top,shoes, bag and accessories will go with it best! Also what colour make-up would you go for? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please help as i'm getting very desperate!!!!! Thanks, Nikki.

What colour accessories %26amp; make-up go with baby pink trouser suit? HEEEEELLLLPPPP needed please!!!?
What top are yoy wearing underneath this trouser suit? If it has any colouring, you should pick out that and base other items you will wear on that.

For instance, if its a white top, go for white shoes and maybe a pearl necklace and bracelet?

Also, if you go to a department store to the make up area, they will help you pick out what colours to go with the outfit in mind.

Good luck and have fun!
Reply:I'd suggest the color between red %26amp; pink 4 the top bag %26amp; shoes as 4 ur accesories i'd suggest baby pink
Reply:Black - goes with everything
Reply:ok, wear a dark brown for shoes use a chocolate colored or dark brown colored bag. try a pink sapphire tennis bracelet, because you dont want to look too fancy for a daytime wedding. as far as make-up goes, i cant tell you because it all depends on your skin color:

if you have pale skin---try pinks and purples

if you have beige skin---try blues;lights and darks

if you have bronze skin---try deep greens and shimmery golds

if you have dark skin--- try blacks and deep browns

good luck! hope this helps! have fun at the wedding!
Reply:If you start with jewelry or a scarf that has other colours in it and work from there, you will be able to co-ordinate better.

White, cream, beige, tan, pale colours such as yellow, blue or aqua, light gray are all good choices. Start with the assessory of scarf or jewelry and pull out the accent colour from that.
Reply:chocolate brown shoes, bag and cami would look good, sparkly brown on the eyes (compliments any colour eyes) and a nude type lip colour with a bit of gloss. Keep it simple. Mocha accessories would go well with baby pink too, Cream would go but I think that would be a bit sickly. Chocolate makes a statement
Reply:Black would be a really good contrast, paint your nails black and have shadowy eyes but just go with pink if your having a hat and a black bag and shoes. If not still try for a darker colour and not baby blue whatever you do! Look to the cat walks maybe for inspiration. Good luck!!! :)
Reply:A cream top because white may look too harsh. Cream shoes and a cream clutch bag.

Jewellery you can wear either gold or silver and even pearls.

make up i would wear pink on the eyes and blend in a little bit of gold and wear a nice pink gloss on the lips.
Reply:well for make up i say you line the eyes with black eyeliner and then line again with the juice from a docleaf sa this creates a stunning effect which will leave you looking gorgeous
Reply:pink shoes, pink bag, and pink make up (baby pink of course) or lilac makeup would go.

Good Luck x x
Reply:pink i think . HEY i m doing rimes


Ok so i brought this dress for summer ball, what accessories and shoes? Black or Silver?

Ok so i brought this dress for summer ball, what accessories and shoes? Black or Silver?
hi i would go for silver but the fashion experts this season say to wear black with blue for the in look .take a look on my site for some cool accessories

the dress is beautiful im sure you will the bell of the ball have fun
Reply:Silver heels,

bracelet and earrings (:
Reply:Definitely silver shoes and clutch bag. It will set off a lovely dress beautifully.
Reply:Silver shoes and accesories would match better. : )
Reply:That's lovely!

Well silver would be pretty hot but I think black shoes will look better as an outfit.

And a silver necklace/earrings for sure.
Reply:I would go for black. But it is your choice.

Go for a low necklace and a chunky braclet.

Maybe a few sparkles here and there.

Hope this helps

Vickii x
Reply:black shoes, and black jewellery, otherwise too many colours going on with that blue
Reply:Gorgeous dress :).

Tuorquise shoes

and silver or white necklace

Tuorquise bangle on one hand.
Reply:Silver would be best. Only way I'd go with black is if your shoes were high-heeled sandals with very thin straps.
Reply:Silver shoes, and silver jewlery =)

hope you have a good time =D

Reply:Black shoes with some silver jewellery. If it were me i would choose a style in plain silver.
Reply:If that is really you in the picture, you look so elegant. You will most certainly look great in black heels. You could try silver if you want to, but for me it will always be black. You will not regret it. Accessories the same color.
Reply:Black heel shoes (non-strap), silver earrings and necklace

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What accessories accompany a ball gown?

am a guy dressing up as a Debutante for Halloween (its meant to be fun). Since I have around shoulder length hair anyway, my sister suggested I didn't really need a wig but could just style my hair like a Deb. Most people (here) have suggested that some kind of updo is the most appropriate style to go for. I also have a ball gown as a dress with some heeled shoes.

What other accessories should I have to complete the look?

What accessories accompany a ball gown?
Chandelier earrings if you can find clip-ons, pearl necklace, little pearl or diamond hair accessories (you can twist them into your hair), bracelet. Everything should match or complement your costume. If you don't know if it does or doesn't then ask a girl.
Reply:Great idea!

now, a:

1."pearl" necklace

2.gloves and

3."pearl" earings

might do the trick, no? ;)

oh! and some great pageant makeaup :)
Reply:If the gown is a dark color or white or a pale pink, try a string of pearls with small earrings (if you have your ears pierced). If your gown is any other color, try some simple drop earrings or a matching necklace.

-Fake pearl or diamond jewelry


I bought a silky black tube dress. What color of accessories and shoes should I use?! I want something classy,

but still fun! And hair ideas? ITS my 21st bday!

I bought a silky black tube dress. What color of accessories and shoes should I use?! I want something classy,
-silver always looks good with black, but that depends on your makeup too. if youre planning on doing a brownish/goldish makeup, you use gold on and so forth.

I like silver with black personally...

-but keep the chain short if youre going to wear a necklace...dont want your boobs to eat the

-and id do either silver hoop earrings, or diamond stud earrings. (hoops come off as more fun though i think) Or maybe both, if you have second peircings.

-keep bracelets simple if you want to wear one. nothing with too many sparkles or rocks, and nothing "loud." And keep it with the same color family as the rest of the jewlery.

-Rings, if you have a braclet you dont really need them unless you have one from a certain someone that you never take off ;) or it you have something just really simple. Again, nothing that looks like its taking over your hand.

-hair up with a tube top! Maybe a bun sort of ordeal with curly/wavy pieces falling down?

happy 21st :)
Reply:silver for classy

1 bright color for fun
Reply:Go metallic. It'll look chic and sophisticated against black but it's still shiny and fun. Pewter, gold, or silver stiletto heels, gold/silver jewelry.

You can do hair in a French twist if it's long enough, but since I have no idea what your hair looks like, it's hard to say.
Reply:go with a color!

yes silver and white are classy but sometimes too boring,

try a bright gemstone on a silver chain if you don't want to be too bold.

but now-a-days everything is about color and standing out.

standing out doesn't mean you're not classy.
Reply:wear either pearls, or dark red jewels.
Reply:you should go with white accessories %26amp; pearls.
Reply:pearls, somethhing red or gold
Reply:Definitely a pearl necklace! A small black or white sequined purse and black heels (they can have a black, sequin, or rhinestone bow or buckle).

In my opinion that's classy (and sexy as hell)!

p.s. Happy Birthday! Make sure you have a designated driver...and a few condoms in your cute purse.
Reply:everything goes with black.. you could even use black and silver accesories.. I'd steer away from gold tho.. that looks kinda trashy
Reply:i would go with silver jewelry and like metallic sliver shoes and a matching clutch